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Information on prices of our dental services.

Restorative dentistry and endodontics

First examination and check-ups 40 EUR
Specialist examination, consultation, diagnosis, treatment plan 70 EUR
Specialist examination and surgical therapy planning 70 EUR
Digital implant treatment planning 300 EUR
Emergency assistance 50 EUR
Local anesthesia 15 EUR
Mandibular anesthesia 20 EUR
Dental trepanation 40 EUR
Composite filling 70 EUR
Glass-ionomer filling 50 EUR
Indirect and direct pulp capping 30 EUR
Composite crown build-up of tooth 90 EUR
Endodontic treatment with root canal filling (per root canal) 70 EUR

Oral Surgery, Implantology

Tooth extraction 70 EUR
Surgical tooth extractions 150 EUR
Apicoectomy 300 EUR
Apicoectomy with retrograde root filling 300 EUR
Alveotomy 300 EUR
Surgical dental implant placement 1.000 EUR
Immediate surgical placement of a dental implant 1.100 EUR
Surgical placement of the SLA active dental implant 1.100 EUR
Bone augmentation with resorptive membrane (small) 600 EUR
Bone augmentation with resorptive membrane (big) 800 EUR
Sinus lift, including bone augmentation and resorptive membrane 1.200 EUR
Sinus lift 600 EUR
Multi-unit abutment incorporation 350 EUR
Abutment incorporation 150 EUR
Gingival recession menagement with autologous graft 600 EUR
Surgical intervention in dental implantology 500 EUR
Surgical crown lengthening 300 EUR

Removable prosthetics

Complete acrylic denture 750 EUR
Immediate complete denture 750 EUR
Wironit partial denture 900 EUR
Eclipse partial  denture 650 EUR
Eclipse complete denture 1.000 EUR
Premium complete denture 1.200 EUR
Denture retention elements/prosthetic connections(1 pc) 250 EUR
Denture repair 70 EUR
Denture rebasing 130 EUR
Dental splint 150 EUR
Prosthetic intervention (small) 1.000 EUR
Prosthetic intervention(big) 2.000 EUR
Denture with a metal base on titanium bars 3.000 EUR
Emergency intervention in prosthetics 500 EUR

Fixed prosthetics

Wax up (one tooth) 40 EUR
Temporary crown (made in dental office) 40 EUR
Temporary crown (made in dental lab)  60 EUR
Temporary crown (CAD- CAM)  60 EUR
PMMA temporary crown (made in dental lab)  90 EUR
Temporary crown on implant (made in dental lab)  150 EUR
Cast post and core 100 EUR
Milled zirconium post 200 EUR
Prefabricited post and core 80 EUR
Endocrown 450 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown 350 EUR
Galvanic crown 500 EUR
All ceramic crown (CAD-CAM) 350 EUR
All ceramic crown (emax) 450 EUR
Zirconia crown- cut back 450 EUR
Zirconia crown (monolith) 400 EUR
Feldsphatic porcelain Veneer 650 EUR
Metal ceramic crown on implant 450 EUR
All ceramic crown on implant (emax) 550 EUR
Zirconia crown on implant 650 EUR
Ceramic dental veneer 500 EUR
Ceramic inlay 300 EUR
Telescopic crown 400 EUR
Telescopic crown (zirconia-galvanic) 550 EUR
Premium feldspathic porcelain 750 EUR
Premium emax 750 EUR
Premium ZrO2 ceramic 750 EUR
CAD-CAM Veneer 450 EUR
Temporary bridge on implants 2.000 EUR
Fixed prosthetic suprastructure on 4 implants (composite) 5.000 EUR
Fixed prosthetic suprastructure on 4 implants (ceramic) 5.500 EUR
Fixed prosthetic suprastructure on 6 implants (composite) 5.000 EUR
Fixed prosthetic suprastructure on 6 implants (ceramic) 5.500 EUR

Pediatric dentistry, dental caries

Oral hygiene motivation, proper teeth brushing demonstration, nutritional counselling  50 EUR
Topical fluoride application- flouride varnish 40 EUR
Fissure Sealant Placement 50 EUR
Dental Sealant 50 EUR
Primary tooth restoration 50 EUR
Dentin remineralization- a method for treating deep caries 50 EUR
Primary tooth extraction 40 EUR
Apexification- treatment of underdeveloped roots 100 EUR
Mortal pulpotomy in primary teeth 60 EUR
Vital pulpotomy in young permanent teeth 60 EUR
Reposition, replantation of tooth and immobilization with wire-composite splint 100 EUR
Immobilization removal, polishing, remineralization 50 EUR

Individual Prevention Of Periodontal Diseases

Ultrasonic cleaning of plaque and tartar and polishing of teeth(both jaws) 60 EUR
Dental sandblasting 60 EUR
Ultrasonic cleaning od plaque and tartar and polishing sandblasting 80 EUR
Scaling and root planing (per quadrant) 150 EUR

Other services

Teeth whitening 400 EUR
Treatment with hyaluronic dermal filler Juvéderm, Restylane (per ml) 450 EUR
Vistabel (botox) facial therapy (per unit) 10 EUR
Prices and services are listed in the price list valid from 09.05.2023.
The minimum cost of dental services is set by the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine
Service prices are subject to change

MAESTRO – 12 installment
MASTERCARD – 12 installment