DENTAL CENTER PICEK | Maksimirska 112a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Professional staff, pleasant atmosphere and modern equipment contribute to a sense of security and mutual trust.

Pavle Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine, Ph.D.
Specialist in Prosthodonticss

Pavle Picek was born in Zagreb in 1979. He graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 2004, where he also received his Ph.D in 2012. He becomes a specialist in Prosthodonticss in 2017. He is an employee and a founder of Dental Center Picek.

Vera Picek Doctor of Dental Medicine
Specialist in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

Vera Picek was born on 11 January 1981 in Zagreb. She graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb in 2004. After years of work experience in primary health care she enrolls in specialization and in 2011 becomes a specialist in pediatric and preventive dentistry. She has been working with the youngest for nearly ten years, and she is especially dedicated to patients with clear dental fear and to children with developmental disabilities.

Our team

Ivana Supančić, MD.Dent
Marija Katalinić, MD.Dent.
Paula Percač, MD.Dent.
Prim. Ph.D.Sc. Sanja Masnec, MD, specialist ophthalmologist
Juraj Kekić, dental assistant
Nikolina Novaković, dental assistant
Antonija Begić, dental assistant