DENTAL CENTER PICEK | Maksimirska 112a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

We provide professional services based on the principles of modern dentistry with an individualized approach to each patient.

Our services


It combines medical non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures…


Includes computerized design of a crown (bridge), filling or shell…


We present to you the main tools of modern aesthetic medicine: the application of botox and dermal fillers…


Branch concerned with smile design and meets the highest aesthetic demands of patients…


Branch of dentistry concerned with treatment of the dental pulp…


Branch of dentistry that is concerned with extraction of damaged teeth…


Modern branch of dental medicine that specializes in the placement of dental implants…


Branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth…


Dental fillings are probably the most common procedure performed in dental practices…

“Thanks to the whole team for their expertise, professionalism and my new smile! I felt comfortable throughout the therapy, and the final result is impressive even for my high aesthetic standards. I will recommend you to everyone!!! :)” Ana (Google recenzija)

“I am extremely satisfied with the service provided. Doctors and other staff are professional and approachable. The equipment is superb. They fulfilled all my wishes and more. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. They did all the work superbly and, above all, quickly and efficiently. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a perfect smile, quickly and without pain.” Petra (Google recenzija)

“I am very satisfied with their work. A smile never more beautiful, they describe their work process in detail so that the patient can better understand his situation. Extremely friendly staff and a warm atmosphere that shows how much they care!😊” Kruno (Google recenzija)

“Congratulations to Dental Center Picek! Recommendations for big and small. The whole family has been coming here for many years, and we are extremely satisfied with the professionalism and excellent service, both for us parents and for our 6-year-old daughter. Recommendation to everyone who wants to solve family dental care in one place at the highest world level.” Tea (Facebook recenzija)

Excellent service and modern technology

Constant training, continuous education, an individual approach and accurate treatment choice are the fundamental tools we use daily in treating our patients.

Flexible working hours and excellent location

We offer flexible working hour arrangements and will do our best to accommodate all your needs. You can reach us easily from all areas of the city by public transportation or by car. Free parking is readily available.

A friendly and professional staff

We are closely specialized in the areas of dental service we provide. The knowledge and skills we need are acquired at renowned European and Global centers, which are in step with the latest trends in dentistry. Our patients feel relaxed and safe, and in the end, their satisfaction is our greatest reward.

We are committed to your health

We would like to ensure you have a pleasant and painless experience during your visit to our office. Our high criteria of excellence allow us to more easily meet all your needs. The trust you have placed in us gives us immense motivation, so that together we can view the future with a great smile.